Robotic vacuum cleaner ARDESTO RVC-S1300W


The futuristic design of the ARDESTO RVC-S1300W robotic vacuum cleaner, as well as its wide functionality, creates a great atmosphere in the house. This little space ” buddy” provides dry and wet cleaning of area up to 120 m2. It is equipped with water tank for 110 ml, and the dust container for 0,4 liters. You can control vacuum cleaner both with the help of the remote control and mechanical push-buttons on its body.

  • Cleaning area 90 – 120 m2
  • 3 modes of operation on 5 types of flooring
  • Remote control
  • Battery capacity 2500 mAh

Specifications :

  • Type
    Pobotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cleaning type
  • Power, W
  • Dust box volume, l
  • Water tank volume, l
  • Cleaning area, m2
  • Number of cleaning modes, pcs
    3 (auto-cleaning, perimeter-cleaning and one-room cleaning)
  • Types of flooring
    Hard floors, wood flooring, carpet, laminate, linoleum
  • Control
    Mechanical+remote control
  • Battery capacity, mAh
  • Battery charge time, min
  • Battery life, min
  • Colour
  • Package Contents
    Robot vacuum cleaner, charging dock, HEPA filter - 1 pc (+ 1 pc installed in the vacuum cleaner), 2 side brushes (+ 2 pcs installed), fiber polisher
  • Additionally
    Anti-collision sensor, wall detection sensor, Anti-Fall sensor, Auto Charging
  • Noise level, dB
    ≤ 65 дБ
  • Operating temperature range
    0°C - 50°C
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Weight, kg
  • Manufactured
  • Warranty
    12 months

Where to buy:

Universal cleaner

The two side brushes of the robotic vacuum cleaner and the fiber polisher are able to work on five types of flooring, eliminating the need for using additional home cleaning equipment. Hard floors in the bathroom, wood flooring or laminate in the private office, carpet in the living room and linoleum in the kitchen will be equally clean thanks to the versatility of the ARDESTO RVC-S1300W.

Three cleaning modes

The maximum efficiency of the ARDESTO RVC-S1300W can be achieved by setting the appropriate cleaning mode. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with three of them, which is quite enough: auto-cleaning, perimeter-cleaning and one-room cleaning.

Amazing battery life

A full charge of the 2500 mAh battery allows ARDESTO RVC-S1300W to work autonomously for up to 90 minutes. When the charge runs out, the device will automatically return to the charging station to recharge. The charging process will take from 240 to 300 minutes, and then the robot is ready to work again.

Control and security

If the floor in the house is at different levels, you don’t have to worry that the robotic vacuum cleaner will fall or turn over, because it is equipped with a special sensor, and it “feels” the danger. It also perfectly understands the location of walls, furniture and other obstacles. Both the physical ones and installed with Electronic Wall function. Moreover, with the help of a special magnetic strip included in the kit, you can physically separate areas in the room that the robotic vacuum cleaner will ignore during cleaning.